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What Sorts of Hong Kong Work Visas Are There?

Most people relocating to Hong Kong for the position make an application for a work visa beneath the overall Work Policy (GEP). A lot of these visas usually are issued only for a selected period. To generally be eligible, candidates needs to have a confirmed task give with the employer who is sponsoring them.

Various other popular Hong Kong do the job permits incorporate the next:

Technologies expertise admission plan: This do the job visa is for industry experts who specialize in sure technological know-how sectors, together with synthetic intelligence and financial systems.

Coaching: The coaching possibility is a piece visa for people who need to find out a talent or get specific expertise and who would like to are now living in Hong Kong for up to a year.

Excellent migrant admission scheme: Expats from sure professions can relocate to Hong Kong using this visa. This system has one,000 slots for IT, economical, legal, and creative individuals who do not have an present job give.

Immigration arrangements for non-local graduates: This visa is for individuals with a diploma from Hong Kong. Within six months of graduation, they will use to stay in town for up to a yr to search for community employment.

Needs to acquire a piece Visa in Hong Kong

When your employees are applying for the Hong Kong do the job allow beneath the GEP, they should consist of a press release from you describing the posture. The Immigration Section will assess the applying for:

* A graduate degree

* Necessary Qualified experience

* Salary and working disorders akin to neighborhood specifications

* Contribution to the local economy

* Lack of an area to fill the particular position

Often it’s tough for companies to show which they couldn’t come across a neighborhood to fill a position, particularly when they’re recruiting people from worldwide. That said, the immigration authorities commonly take the evidence they obtain.

If your employees have relatives they would like to bring to Hong Kong, they’ll require to fulfill additional prerequisites. One example is, staff members have to verify that they've got a genuine marriage and dependent children underneath the age of 18. They should present which they can monetarily assistance a family and supply the correct lodging. If a partner really wants to operate in Hong Kong as well, they're able to do this as a result of an extra function permit.

Ways for Obtaining a Function Visa in Hong Kong

To start with, staff have to fill out the ideal application form for his or her requested visa and fasten many of the demanded documents. If the paperwork are in some other language Apart from English or Chinese, the worker must give a translation. They'll also will need a valid travel doc from their home nation.

Apps could be mailed or handed in personally. They can go possibly directly to the Hong Kong Immigration Division or the nearest Chinese mission. In case your employee is a foreign countrywide living over the Chinese Mainland, they can post their visa software in Beijing at the Hong Kong authorities’s Place of work. Another Work visa Hong Kong choice is always to file the applying through a area sponsor, like a future employer.

Other Essential Concerns for Hong Kong Working Visas

Even though The everyday work visa is legitimate only inside the small-time period, employees will get an extension the moment it expires. They ought to apply at the very least four months prior to the expiration day. Most employment visas will comply with a two-3-3-yr extension sample. The only real exception is a hard and fast work agreement that operates out ahead of the visa expires, during which the extension will likely be shortened accordingly.

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